Businesses in the modern era are making headway toward fully automating their operations and with that progress comes th

The majority of today's companies are making headway toward fully automating their operations, and this trend is bringing with it technologically advanced storage solutions such as the vertical lift module

The majority of today's companies are making headway toward fully automating their operations, and this trend is bringing with it technologically advanced storage solutions such as the vertical lift module. The VLM makes Automated Warehouse System possible for you to maximize the storage space you have while simultaneously raising the level of efficiency of your operation. VLMs can be optimized or customized in accordance with a user's preferences, which enables them to be useful in a diverse array of applications.

The reason for utilizing a Vertical Lift Module

  • By delivering stored materials to the operator, a vertical lift module, also known as a VLM, substantially cuts down on the amount of time spent walking and searching

  • The VLM is an example of an enclosed system that consists of two columns of trays on either side of an inserter/extractor located in the middle

  • The inserter/extractor can locate and retrieve stored characteristics from either the front or the back of the system with just the press of a single button

  • At that point, the selected items are handed over to the operator at the pick window






Why Is Smart tower storage Module Becoming More Popular in Warehouses?

When utilized in the proper manner, a VLM can increase productivity by a factor of two to three, which has led to its widespread adoption in warehouses. Not only that, but they are available in a number of different heights and widths to cater to the requirements of a wide range of different types of companies. Utilizing the height available in a warehouse from floor to ceiling is one way that a vertical lift module can assist in making the most of the available space. When compared to standard shelving options, the ability to save up to 85% of the space by strategically positioning trays in positions allows the system to function more efficiently. By utilizing a VLM, businesses are able to expand their operations without having to open multiple locations for their operations.

Vertical Lift Module Utilization in Warehouses: 5 Important Advantages

Utilizing the Available Floor Space

This warehouse storage system makes better use of the available vertical space in your facilities, which results in less floor space being wasted. VLMs will automatically adjust the tray height so that it is optimal for maximizing the storage density all the way up to the ceiling. As a direct consequence of this, the process of storing resources is simplified thanks to a reduced product footprint and accurate height estimation. This gives you the ability to reclaim unused floor space and put it to better use, such as installing new equipment or increasing your warehouse's inventory, without having to relocate any of your operations.

Increase in the Typical Number of Picks Obtained

Pick-to-light technology, when combined with a VLM, can help you achieve an accuracy rate of 99.9% and significantly increase your productivity. The transaction information center (TIC) and the position lights on the pick window provide the operator with information regarding the pick window's location, as well as the amount, part number, and description. First and foremost, using batch picking VLMs allows for the selection of multiple orders all at once. This enables pick rates that are significantly faster than those that are possible when picking from a standard shelf.

User-specific access combined with encrypted storage

When storing a large number of objects or valuable items, it is essential to have adequate levels of protection. The programming of the SMT Reel Storage Modules restricts access to particular trays to only those individuals who are authorized to do so. Therefore, a VLM shields your valuable possessions from the risk of being misplaced, damaged, or stolen. VLMs combine badge scanners, electronic keypads, and RFID technology in order to provide user-authenticated access. This allows for increased protection of your merchandise against theft and misplacement.

Space Designed with Ergonomics in Mind

The VLM is the storage option that offers the greatest degree of flexibility. The vertical lift module has a dynamic shelf that adjusts its height according to the dimensions of the item being stored. On the other hand, traditional shelving only comes in one shelf height throughout the entire unit, which makes it impossible to store both small and large items in the same space. If you want to make the most of the space you have for storage while minimizing the amount of unused space, the VLM is your best bet.

Better Safety Features

Injuries sustained while on the job are a significant problem in warehouses because these environments contain a great deal of moving parts that can rapidly become hazardous if they are not maintained in the appropriate manner. Standard self-storage options aren't nearly as secure as the warehouse storage that comes equipped with enhanced safety features such as light curtains and shutter doors. Workplace injuries can be easily avoided by utilizing a safe storage solution. As a result, the working environment was made risk-free for the activities. 


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